Houston Goes 2 for 2 with New Reality Show: Houston Fit

On October 30, 2013 The Oprah Winfrey Network aired the first episode of Houston Beauty, launching Houston on the “Reality” TV scene. Now Houston goes for round 2 with a different approach: Houston Fit.

Houston often gets a bad rep for being one of the fattest cities in America. MensFitness.com listed Houston on its 2014 Fattest Cities List as number 31. Houston Fit plans to combat that. Not just another reality show full of tears and weight-loss, the creators of the show really mean business! Producer Sharon Ferranti teamed up with Fitness Guru & Houston native Deon C. Johnson to introduce a diverse competition with multiple mediums. Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, and more will be used to achieve what the creators call “Sustainable Fitness”.

The contestants will also vary from life changing weight-loss, to specific weight-loss (i.e. wedding etc.), to injury recoveries. Contestants will be judged on their progress, as well as their trainers being judges on their methods. There will be an interactive casting call Thursday June 19th, 2014. I thought it would be interesting to be a part of the show so I applied. Part of the application was to upload a video of your “why”.

Check out mine below.


Meet the Creators: (Taken from the Houston Fit website)

Sharon is a member of The Director’s Guild of America, The Writer’s Guild of America, and is a published playwright. An MFA graduate of The California Institute of the Arts, Sharon’s first film, A Thousand Miles, was seen in over 80 film festivals world wide, and received the award for Ten Best Shorts of 2000 from American Cinemateque. Her first feature film, Make A Wish, won Best in Fest at The Paris Women’s Film Festival in 2002. Make A Wish is distributed by Wolfe Video domestically and internationally. As an editor, she won the Platinum AVA award for editing on Living Proof, in the category of religion and spirituality. Recent commissions include Telling The Truth in an Imaginary Place, and We Are In The Business of Changing the World: documentaries about the sculpture and public art installations of Houston artist, Tara Conley. She is comfortable in both narrative and documentary genres and has created hundreds of projects for corporations and non-profit organizations in the South Texas region.

Fitness personality and lifestyle coach Deon Johnson has spent more than a decade inspiring men and women to reach their personal health and fitness goals. As the owner and founder of The ONE Fitness in Houston, Deon empowers his clients mentally and spiritually to work hard to achieve what they want out of life. Deon’s philosophy is “Keep It Simple,” a belief that helps inspire his clients to remain focused on their own optimal health. His clients adhere to the mantra that a steady routine with weight and cardio training helps them get into shape and feel better about themselves. “Helping someone lose weight is easy,” Deon said. “Changing the way they live is difficult, but that’s my goal. Stress leads to other health issues. My goal is to keep my clients focused on the things they can do to stay healthy so they can handle anything life throws their way.” Deon has trained in the most prestigious facilities in the country, but The ONE Fitness is his longtime dream. The unique health and fitness club is more than a company … it’s a life-changing journey that leads you to a new level of personal growth. A sought-after speaker and presenter, he has been featured on local radio and television talk shows and was the resident fitness expert for KIAH-Channel 39’s “Outlook Houston.” The ONE Fitness is about creating a lifestyle. Learn more about Deon Johnson and The ONE Fitness by visiting www.theonefitness.com.

To Learn More Visit: http://www.houstonfitreality.com/

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