REEL REPRESENTATION & The #FirstTimeISawMe Movement

Do you remember the first time you saw yourself on screen? Do you identify with any character on TV today? On Tuesday, August 1, Netflix began championing a conversation (#FirstTimeISawMe) about representation in entertainment and it went viral on social media.

Representation in entertainment matters. Period.

Seeing someone that looks like you and deals with similar stuff that you have to deal with is powerful, because you inevitably feel like you can conquer your issues once you see someone else on screen do it first. Don’t believe me, ask Michelle Obama or our very own Selenis Leyva.

ICYMI, we created really compelling videos featuring our talent and even some people, like Angel from Indiana, that we simply noticed were expressing their connection with our characters on social media in a really strong way!



Netflix is creating over 1,000 hours of original content this year alone (Dear White People, Chewing Gum, She’s Gotta Have It, Orange is the New Black, etc.), which means, they are producing unique, layered and intersectional stories that shed a light on so many diverse walks of life.

I remember the first time I saw myself on TV, her name was Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show. I related to Rudy in almost every way, skin color, hair, and big family. It was amazing to see myself represented in such a dignified way.

When was yours?

What do you think?