O.V.O. (Drake) Presents H.A.W

Its not secret that Drake love’s Houston. I mean can you name a song where the Canada native doesn’t mention in someway, a street, local native, or area of the metropolitan city? Me either! The Multiplatinum Recording Artist/Actor along with his record label O.V.O. Sound have decided to show a little Appreciation to the city he was discovered in by presenting H.A.W (Houston Appreciation Week).

H.A.W will take place June 12-15 kicking off with the launch of October’s Very Own (O.V.O) Thursday at 12pm. The itinerary is completely STUFFED with fun! It incudes a pool party, a concert, of course club “turn-up” appearances, a movie premier (Think Like A Man Too), and A Celebrity Basketball Tournament.

Full Itinerary:

Credit: O.V.O

Credit: O.V.O


To attend the Basketball Tournament click here: #HAWCelebrityBball

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