Impact Magazine Presents: Cocktails And Coversations

Saturday, at Aloft Hotel, Impact Magazine powered an event hosted by The Musician Wives, Towanda Braxton, Kim Gagne, and Kandi Eastman entitled: #CocktailsAndConversations! You totally missed out if you were not there. This empowering event discussed work, family, health and more.


My friends and I like to call it D&D (Drinks & Dialogue) where we get together and just discuss life. Life is so stressful with all that is going on in the world, sometimes you need sometime to breathe and release. Cocktails and Conversations brought multiple women from all backgrounds together to discuss life. Kandi Eastman spoke on Breast Cancer Awareness while Kim Gagne spoke on juggling work-motherhood-and spousal support.

Photo: TotallyRandie

Photo: TotallyRandie

The Musician Wives spoke sisterhood and cohesiveness even amongst powerful women with strong personalities, and of course Towanda Braxton brought star power and the real on fame, family, and focus. The night was super incredible. If you didn’t leave inspired you weren’t listening.

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I had a Blast! The food was good and so was the cocktails and conversations!


Additionally, I got an exclusive with Towanda Braxton and Tunisha Brown of Impact Magazine! Check out that footage










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